Shakti Science Records

The Shakti Science record label was founded by Darrin Fossella in 1995 and put into effect with the 12" release by Space Farm entitled "Egyptology Vol. 1". Currently there are releases from Planet 6, Bass Mutant, Space Farm, Exterminating Angel, Liquid Acrobat, Pongoid, The S.P.A.Z. Sound System, and Present.

Shakti Science is a product of the S.P.A.Z. underground sound system started in San Francisco, Ca. The S.P.A.Z. crew has been travelling all over America playing phree parties and festivals for the last 8 years. We are the 1st original soundsystem to play at the Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert, we supported the infamous European techno crew Spiral Tribe on their 1st ever American Tour, and we organize the Annual Mutant Festival in Oregon. S.P.A.Z. parties are a true adventure into the underground techno spirit happening today. There are no hang ups, no "one style only" parties, and quite honestly no money being made at all - it's all done for "the love of it".

We're hoping our CDR and MP3 releases will push other underground musicians to take things into their owns hands and show the public that good high quality music DOES NOT need to come from big budgeted, highly anal studios and record companies.

For information regarding bookings, distribution, promos, and press please email Darrin

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