Computer Services

We can perform complete system diagnostics, upgrades, optimization, and home / small office computer networking. We use the latest software and hardware technology to solve problems that are causing you frustration and headaches. Most problems can be corrected on-site and in less than two hours.

All of our repairs are carried out by skilled technicians who posses Certified Service Technician status.

If you have a problem and require our help contact us either by E-mail or Telephone. We do not charge for advice or estimates and will be pleased to point you in the right direction for the solution to your problem if we cannot deal with it.

The following is a list of computer services we offer:


  • Installing more RAM or SDRAM.
  • Adding a new and faster Hard Drive or CD-Rom Drive.
  • New Sound or Video Card.

    Home / Small Office Networking:

  • NT Server setup and connection to your PCs.
  • PC to PC connectivity.
  • Mac and PC connectivity.
  • Share 1 printer amongst 2 computers.
  • Connect more then 1 computer to your DSL line.

    Complete Diagnostics:

  • Virus Scan & Cleaning

    With all the new viruses that have been released on the public in the last few years, it takes constant updates of software to combat these computer destructive bugs. We have and will always have the latest detection and removal software for these computer illnesses.

  • Scan and Defragment Hard Drive(s)

    With today's more demanding software, it puts more strain on your computer Hard Drive. By running these utilities it will help keep your drive running at peak performance. It will also detect bad spots on the drive and block them out so no information can be written there. By defragmenting the drive it will move all the files back to the beginning of the drive making the drive work less to retrieve information.

  • Software Installation

    It is not always as easy as they make it seem to install some of todays' software. With all the different settings and options it can be very confusing. We will install and configure your software and computer to meet your needs.

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